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Mobile is here to stay; is your business ready?  Here are some eye opening statistics to justify an investment in an improved responsive web design, mobile app and functionality designed to create an amazing experience for smartphone users. Mobile Browsing Roughly 65% of adults in the US and UK own a smartphone, and a third of those use it as their primary device to access the internet. In fact, for over 7% of adults their phone is the only way that they access the internet. Data supports the assumption that this trend will only continue in future years, with over 90% of American teens (your future consumers) using their mobile device to browse the internet. Customer Service 60% of consumers regularly seek support from businesses through their mobiles, and the same percentage have a better opinion of a business if their self-service troubleshooting system is mobile... (more)

Seven Tricks to Stretch a Small Online Marketing Budget

Strong advertising and marketing strategies can help your business, but costs can quickly add up. Here are some valuable tips for getting the most out of your online marketing budget. Do your Research Knowing your target audience and how to engage with them will increase the effectiveness of any  marketing campaign. Figure out which platforms your customers use, and thoroughly research any advertising and marketing opportunity that appears. An informed decision is a wise decision. Doing your homework will let you carefully choose only the channels or campaigns that are best for ... (more)

Four Fallback Tactics When Content Inspiration Dries Up

The amount of content that a business has to create on a regular basis is ballooning. You need to keep up with social media posts, YouTube videos, blog posts, articles for content marketing and SEO landing pages. So when you run out of ideas it can feel as if you have hit a pretty indestructable brick wall. Here are four tricks to quickly keep the content creation wheels turning when inspiration has fled the building. Revamp Old Content If you have been in business for a while the chances are that you have a pretty substantial archive of blog posts. Just because they aren't recen... (more)

Three Fast Tricks to Improve Website Conversions

Apply these basic steps to ensure that your website visitors are likely to turn into customers. Studies conducted by Google this year show that the average internet visitor's patience is shrinking in correlation to their screensize. As more and more people use mobile devices to access websites, capturing their attention within the first few seconds is vital. The Numbers: 60% of people admit to making buying decisions much faster online now than in previous years 40% of visitors will abandon a site if load time is longer than 3 seconds. 67% will leave if takes too many steps to f... (more)

Three Ways to Make Hashtags Work for Your Online Marketing

#whatisahashtag Hashtags are single word labels that help to categorize social media posts. #historyofhashtags They were originally used in Internet Relay Chat (IRC) the early days of the internet, and were vital to help users to focus on specific topics and conversations. In 2007, Twitter users started to apply them to tweets and they quickly grew popular on the flourishing social media platform. Now, hashtags are used on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and their use has become so prolific that it has been parodied on Saturday Night Live in a classic sketch with Justin Timberl... (more)